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The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina is united by the love of, an interest in and a desire to support an independent Ukraine, as well as a wish to preserve, develop and nurture Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the culture of North Carolina.



Picnic – celebration of Ukraine’s independence:
Place: Falls Lake Recreation Area, Raleigh
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Statistical Profile of Ukrainians in North Carolina – 2016

Distribution of Ukrainians in North Carolina

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Data sources: all data in this profile are from US censuses and the American Community Survey.

According to the American Community Survey (ACS), there were 19,192 persons of Ukrainian ancestry in North Carolina in 2016. If we include parts of Charlotte and Myrtle-North Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Areas (MAs) in South Carolina, this number increases to 20,908 (see definition of persons of Ukrainian ancestry below). read more…


Map 1.- Metropolitan Areas
Map 2.- North Carolina
Map 3.- Raleigh
Map 4.- Charlotte
Map 5.- Asheville


Table 1.- Ukrainians in North Carolina: 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2016
Table 2.- Ukrainians by Age and Sex
Table 3.- Metropolitan Areas: Ukrainians by Age Groups, Sex
Table 4.- Fourth Wave Immigrants by Age and Sex
Table 5.- Fourth Wave Immigrants by Metropolitan Area and Period of Arrival
Table 6.- Language Spoken at Home by Metropolitan Area
Table 7.- Level of Education by Sex
Table 8.- Occupation Categories by Sex

NEW PUBLICATION: “Atlas of Ukrainians in the US” by Oleh Wolowyna, 264 pp., 342 color maps

Director, Center for Demographic and Socio-Economic Research of Ukrainians in the US, Shevchenko Scientific Society, Inc. and Fellow, Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies, Univ. of N.Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Atlas can be purchased on Amazon or at the Shevchenko    Scientific Society:


From reviews of the Atlas: “indispensable reference source for years to come “, ”… provides the first and comprehensive picture of Ukrainian settlements in the US”, “tremendously useful in all kinds of social planning and an aid in community and business development”, “invaluable resource to a wide array of readers, from historians and sociologists to business planners, marketers and community and religious leaders.” (view more…)




Carolina Navigators Program Includes Ukrainian cultural kits

Carolina Navigators is a service-learning program at the Center for Global Initiatives at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC CH). The program provides free global education resources to educators and students from across North Carolina. Carolina Navigators welcomes NC educators and students to explore its digital resources and will ship culture kits, free of charge, to any educator in North Carolina.

The association member, Maryna Kapustina, worked in partnership with Carolina Navigators program to create two Ukrainian cultural kits that will facilitate and support learning about Ukrainian culture and history. The creation of these kits was only possible with generous donation of Ukrainian items from Association members and our friends from Ukraine including: Anna Solyanyk, Мария Ясинская and Kiev Gymnasium of Oriental Languages number 1.

If your child is interested in expanding their knowledge about Ukraine, please, encourage them to ask their teacher to request the Ukrainian kit from this program. These kits are designed to support a teaching unit or an individual student project on Ukraine.



Ukraine Kit #1 is filled with interesting items that are perfect for teaching elementary school students about Ukraine. These items include a traditional flower crown, hair accessories, and a sample of Ukrainian embroidery. There are also Ukrainian alphabet books, textbooks, colorful maps, folk tales, prints, photos and postcards. Many items such as pens, dolls, wooden eggs, whistles, and other decorative household objects feature the beautiful Ukrainian artistic styles ingrained in the country’s culture. Check out this kit and explore Ukraine!


Ukraine Kit #2 allows students to explore items such as a traditional flower crown, soccer scarf, textbooks, photos, postcards, maps, currency and more. Items such as wooden eggs, dolls, trinket boxes, and other decorative objects that display the beautiful painting and carving styles of Ukrainian folk art. Listen to samples of Ukrainian music and read informative books of facts and photography. Perfect for students in middle and high school students!