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Welcome to the Official Website of Ukrainian Association of North Carolina.

The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina is united by the love of, an interest in and a desire to support an independent Ukraine, as well as a wish to preserve, develop and nurture Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the culture of North Carolina.
Persons of Ukrainian Ancestry in NC in numbers

Our Association continues helping Ukrainian soldiers in their fight against the Russian aggression. Thanks to sales of a calendar of the heroic “cyborgs” at the Donbas airport and of poppy seed flowers, as well as individual donations, we collected $1,635.00. The following purchase were made:

Two laser distance finders Combat 2000 for $680 each. One was given to the 17th tank brigade in the town of Hirske. The second one was given to the volunteer battalion “Pravyj Sektor” in the town of Shyrokino. Used to measure the distance to an object. Range up to 2,000 meters and can also measure speed of an object up to 300 km/h

Laser distance finder Yukon Extend LRs-1000 for $250. Given to the volunteer battalion “Donbas” in the town of Shyrokino. Range 1,000 meters with similar functions those of distance finder Combat 2000 The distance finders were hand-delivered by Kyiv volunteers Svitlana and Yurij Poliakov.

The need for life saving optical devices is still great, and we decided to continue our fund drive.

For donations of $20.00 or more you can receive a CD with patriotic songs about the Maidan and the war by Yurij Poliakov, a Ukrainian volunteer and song writer in Kyiv (sample song “Letter from a checkpoint”).

If you would like to receive a CD for your donation, click on Donate below and send an E­mail to Oksana Kharabora oxsana.k@gmail.com with your name and address.

If you prefer to make the donation by mail, please send a check, payable to
Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, to: Vasyl Bogdan, 1330 Park Glen Dr., Apt 301, Raleigh, NC 27610
and do not forget to ask for the CD.

Ukrainian soldiers are sincerely thankful for all your contributions!

New funds collected for optical devices as of July, 2015: $1635.00
Contact: Oksana Kharabora (919) 624-0985 Or Vasyl Bogdan vasil_bogdan@yahoo.com, (919) 208-4172