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Welcome to the Official Website of Ukrainian Association of North Carolina

The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina is united by the love of, an interest in and a desire to support an independent Ukraine, as well as a wish to preserve, develop and nurture Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the culture of North Carolina.

Persons of Ukrainian Ancestry in NC in numbers


UKROPEN: a new CD of 14 songs about the current war in Eastern Ukraine. 14 musical groups from all parts of Ukraine joined forces to produce a tribute to the thousands of heroes sacrificing their lives in defense of Ukraine (information about the 14 groups and the songs 14 groups). Ukraine is witnessing a popular musical movement as part of the current war. This is a continuation of a historical tradition that started with kozak’s dumy and continued with songs about the 1917-1919 independence wars (Sichovi Striltsi songs) and the Second World War (Ukrainian Insurgent Army songs). The songs encompass different types of pop-music with influences of Ukrainian folk songs. If you like different styles of pop-music you will enjoy this CD. All proceeds will be used to support the Ukrainian Army.

You can receive the CD for a donation of $20.00 or more. Samples of songs:

Brattia Ukrajintsi

Holos krovy

Khaj bude myr

Click on Donate below, choose form of payment, Paypal or credit card, and send an Email to Natalia Lonchyna: ukropencd@gmail.com , (919) 790-6761, with your name and address. If you prefer to make the donation by mail, please send a check, payable to Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, to: Richard Unkiewicz, 102 Waverly Forest Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.