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The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina is united by the love of, an interest in and a desire to support an independent Ukraine, as well as a wish to preserve, develop and nurture Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the culture of North Carolina.



We received the following request from Ukraine: A night vision binocular is a key defensive tool at the front. It helps our soldiers prevent unexpected attacks at night and saves lives. Your assistance in acquitting a night vision binocular would be greatly appreciated by the men and women who risk their lives in defense of Ukraine.

Our goal is to collect $1,500 for the purchase of a new night vision binocular in Ukraine. Your donations and all proceeds of the sales of the UKOROPEN CD will help us reach this goal. Information about donations and purchase of the CD is listed below.

UKROPEN: a new CD of 14 songs about the current war in Eastern Ukraine. 14 musical groups from all parts of Ukraine joined forces to produce a tribute to the thousands of heroes sacrificing their lives in defense of Ukraine (information about the 14 groups and the songs 14 groups). Ukraine is witnessing a popular musical movement as part of the current war. This is a continuation of a historical tradition that started with kozak’s dumy and continued with songs about the 1917-1919 independence wars (Sichovi Striltsi songs) and the Second World War (Ukrainian Insurgent Army songs). The songs encompass different types of pop-music with influences of Ukrainian folk songs. If you like different styles of pop-music you will enjoy this CD. All proceeds will be used to support the Ukrainian Army.

You can receive the CD for a donation of $20.00 or more. Samples of songs:

Brattia Ukrajintsi

Holos krovy

Khaj bude myr

Click on Donate below, choose form of payment, Paypal or credit card, and send an Email to Natalia Lonchyna: ukropencd@gmail.com , (919) 790-6761, with your name and address. If you prefer to make the donation by mail, please send a check, payable to Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, to: Luba Sawczyn, 1705 Cheyenne Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278.