Aug 23 2011

Holodomor Exhibit at Forsyth County, NC, Public Library

During the month of December, 2008, Susan Washinsky of Clemmons, NC presented an
exhibit about Ukraine and the Holodomor in the Forsyth County Public Library in Clemmons.
The exhibit included information about the history of Ukraine, including the pysanka, Kyivan
Rus’ and Christianity, current independence, and Ukrainian language, as well as a map of
Ukraine and the region. Part of this exhibit included colorful Ukrainian arts and crafts, such as
embroidered cloths, wooden and real pysanky, carved wood boxes, and paintings.

As a focus, Susan incorporated into the exhibit information on the Holodomor, such as “What,
Who, When, Why and How” and included posters of eyewitness testimonies. For a visual
effect, she included a small plate on which she placed five grains of wheat, with a caption
stating “Under Stalin’s laws, possession of even five grains became a crime punishable by 8-
10 years in prison.”

The primary purpose of the exhibit was to promote the positive aspects of Ukraine, increase
awareness about the famine and its impact on Ukraine, and help correct historical
misinformation and propaganda about and against Ukraine.

According to the staff at the Library, there appeared to be quite a bit of interest in the exhibit,
and their feedback was overall very positive.

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