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This Fact Sheet presents a summary of results from recent research on the Holodomor. It is based on publications listed at the end.

1) Results presented here are based on the following definitions:

Holodomor-genocide: man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine during 1932-1934.

Holodomor direct losses or excess deaths (to be used interchangeably), are deaths caused directly or indirectly by the Holodomor, in addition to the “normal” deaths that would have occurred during 1932-1934 had there been no Famine.

Holodomor indirect losses or lost births, are births that did not occur during 1932-1934 due to different effects of the Famine on potential births and that would have occurred had there been no Famine.

2) Holodomor direct losses in rural and urban areas of Ukraine:

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a) There were 3.9 million excess deaths and 600 thousand lost births in Ukraine, for a total of 4.5 million Holodomor losses. The 3.9 million excess deaths are equivalent to 13 percent of Ukraine’s population in 1933. About 31 percent of these deaths are children under ten years of age. read more



“Holodomor: A Remembrance – a virtual exhibit”