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Helping Ukraine!

Your donations at work.


We received the following request from Ukraine: A night vision binocular is a key defensive tool at the front. It helps our soldiers prevent unexpected attacks at night and saves lives. Your assistance in acquitting a night vision binocular would be greatly appreciated by the men and women who risk their lives in defense of Ukraine.

Our goal is to collect $1,500 for the purchase of a new night vision binocular in Ukraine. Your donations and all proceeds of the sales of the UKOROPEN CD will help us reach this goal. Information about donations and purchase of the CD is listed below.

UKROPEN: a new CD of 14 songs about the current war in Eastern Ukraine. 14 musical groups from all parts of Ukraine joined forces to produce a tribute to the thousands of heroes sacrificing their lives in defense of Ukraine (information about the 14 groups and the songs 14 groups). Ukraine is witnessing a popular musical movement as part of the current war. This is a continuation of a historical tradition that started with kozak’s dumy and continued with songs about the 1917-1919 independence wars (Sichovi Striltsi songs) and the Second World War (Ukrainian Insurgent Army songs). The songs encompass different types of pop-music with influences of Ukrainian folk songs. If you like different styles of pop-music you will enjoy this CD. All proceeds will be used to support the Ukrainian Army.

You can receive the CD for a donation of $20.00 or more. Samples of songs:

Brattia Ukrajintsi

Holos krovy

Khaj bude myr

Click on Donate below, choose form of payment, Paypal or credit card, and send an Email to Natalia Lonchyna: ukropencd@gmail.com , (919) 790-6761, with your name and address. If you prefer to make the donation by mail, please send a check, payable to Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, to: Luba Sawczyn, 1705 Cheyenne Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278.


We bought another binocle for the 24th Tank Brigade with your donations and a significant contribution from the Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California.  The binocle was delivered to the Brigade by our Vice-President, Oleh Wolowyna.



Your purchase of the CD UKRPOPEN helped buy this binocle for Ukrainian troops:

Another binocle is urgently needed.  We received an anonymous donation of $50.00 at the Independence picnic and you can help by purchasing the CD and/or make a donation (see below).


The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, in partnership with Alex Gowen, Director of the aid and relief organization The Fishermen in Raleigh, made a significant contribution to the Ukrainian Army and the Children’s Hospital of Luhansk oblast.

$1,800 from the proceeds of the Association’s 10th Anniversary dance were donated to provide support for the 24th Ukrainian Tank Battalion. With this money Kyiv volunteers Svitlana and Yurij Polyakov bought equipment the soldiers requested and delivered it to the front. The soldiers express their gratitude for this assistance:

Donation picture_2-25-16


Ukr flag

Andrej Hnatov, Lesya ZInchuk’s husband, obtained a bronchoscope for the Children’s Hospital of Luhanks oblast. Yurij Polyakov got additional parts to it in Kyiv and Alex delivered it to the hospital in Lysychansk:


The Lysychansk Children’s Hospital needs a special pump mechanism which works in concert with the bronchoscope to remove tracheobronchial foreign particles – quite a serious problem over here in this part of Ukraine. If you have a used one which needs replacing WE’LL TAKE IT!!!

Alex obtained some medical instruments that were distributed between the hospital and a military medical unit:

20160301_105808-1 20160301_110040-1 20160301_110323-1 20160301_113458-1



NC volunteer activities

Toy Drive for kids of fallen Ukrainian Heroes
Facebook Group

This group is helping kids who lost their fathers during this war, orphans and refugees from East of Ukraine (colldivecting clothes, shoes, toys, books, diapers etc).
Do you want to help? Contact us on the facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/366865360133976/

EuroMaidan Items Auction to benefit Ukrainian people
Facebook Group

This group offers many goods via facebook auction to benefit Ukrainian people during this war, wounded soldiers, kids and orphans etc (Ukrainian paintings, national dresses and wreathes, different accessories, EuroMaydan helmets and many other good things).
Do you want to help? Contact us on the facebook https://https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaidanItemsAuction?pnref=story/

Lesia Zintchouk
Winterville, NC

Andrej Hnatov and I are shipping to Ukraine, among other things, over 100 parts that will be used to build at least 10 DRONES. By very specific requests from volunteers of “The Aid of Dnipro” we have spent over $3000 just on this particular shipment, but the help these boxes will bring is priceless!!! One of these flying objects can save not one soldier – but a whole battalion! Please join us, donate, tell your friends! Unfortunately, the war is not over yet! If you can help, please contact Lesia Zintchouk.

Do you want to help? Write us at ahnatov@ec.rr.com

Our Association continues helping Ukrainian soldiers in their fight against the Russian aggression. Thanks to sales of a calendar of the heroic “cyborgs” at the Donbas airport and of poppy seed flowers, as well as individual donations, we collected $1,635.00. The following purchase were made:

Two laser distance finders Combat 2000 for $680 each. One was given to the 17th tank brigade in the town of Hirske. The second one was given to the volunteer battalion “Pravyj Sektor” in the town of Shyrokino. Used to measure the distance to an object. Range up to 2,000 meters and can also measure speed of an object up to 300 km/h

Laser distance finder Yukon Extend LRs-1000 for $250. Given to the volunteer battalion “Donbas” in the town of Shyrokino. Range 1,000 meters with similar functions those of distance finder Combat 2000 The distance finders were hand-delivered by Kyiv volunteers Svitlana and Yurij Poliakov.


The need for life saving optical devices is still great, and we decided to continue our fund drive.

For donations of $20.00 or more you can receive a CD with patriotic songs about the Maidan and the war by Yurij Poliakov, a Ukrainian volunteer and song writer in Kyiv (sample song “Letter from a checkpoint”).

If you would like to receive a CD for your donation, click on Donate below and send an E­mail to Oksana Kharabora oxsana.k@gmail.com with your name and address.

If you prefer to make the donation by mail, please send a check, payable to
Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, to: Vasyl Bogdan, 1330 Park Glen Dr., Apt 301, Raleigh, NC 27610
and do not forget to ask for the CD.

Ukrainian soldiers are sincerely thankful for all your contributions!