at a tent decorated with the Ukrainian flag.   The festival was quite a spectacle.   Stands
with ethnic food and crafts from different nations lined up manyblocks of downtown
Fayetteville.   Therewas music everywhere, with shows going on simultaneously on six
stages.   Mr. Kobisky is an accomplished accordionistand he played Ukrainian songs on
one of the stages.   The very nice weather drew a large crowd from nations all overthe
world, with many children as even dogs.

At 3:30 PM our group assembled at the “Ukrainian” tent.   Everybody was dressed in
embroidered shirtsor blouses, and some with full Ukrainian costumes, from Cossacks to
Hutsuls.   The group was headed by a young man carryingthe sing Ukraine, followed by
Mr. Kobisky with his accordion and Mr. Volodymyr Bilous,and young men carried a sign
with the Tryzub, the Ukrainian emblem.   The rest of the group marched under theshadow
of four Ukrainian flags carried by the participants.   Mr.   Bilous is a former Ukrainian
dancer originally from Philadelphia, andduring the march he performed some Ukrainian
dance steps, to the delight of thelarge crowed watching the parade.

Marching in the parade was quite an experience. At everystep crowds applauded each
group, and many pers recognized the Ukrainianflag and name thanks to the Orange
Revolution.   There were many calls and waves of encouragement from the crowd and
wewaved back; one felt like a famous artist or politician.   At each stage official
announcers greetedeach national group and explained the costumes, the flag and a read
a briefmention about the country and its history.   

It was a very enjoyable day.   We met new Ukrainian fellowmen from Fayetteville and
Greensboro,and told them about our Association.   Hopefully next year there will be a
larger contingent from the Trianglearea.  

A contingent of four members of our Association,
Iryna andSerhij Fastovets, Vice-president and
Webmaster, respectively, as well as OlehWolowyna,
President, and his wife, Chris Durham, joined
Ukrainians fromFayetteville and Greensboro in a
March of Nations downtown Fayetteville.   Maryna
Kapustyna made pictures of theUkrainian
delegation during the march. We met the organizer
of the Ukrainian group, Mr. Eugene Kobisky,
Our Association Marches inthe 27 th International Folk Festival in
Fayetteville, NC