The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina
participated for the second year in the International
Festival held in Raleigh, NC. We participated with a
Cultural Exhibit, like last year, and our booth was a
great success. Thanks to the hard work of a small
number of members, we managed to put together
what was probably the best Cultural Exhibit at the
Festival. The exhibit was a big attraction among
visitors of the Festival. It was instrumental in attracting
Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Americans who did not know
International festival in Raleigh, NC
about the Association, and helped us to add quite a few members to our Association.

Our efforts to bring a group of Ukrainian dancers to the Festival were not successful, due
to the short notice time we received about the Festival this year. We definitely will have to
make sure that we have Ukrainian dancers at the next year’s Festival. When the
organizers of the Festival heard that we were planning to bring Ukrainian dancers this
year, they reacted very positively, as they still remembered the Ukrainian dancers from
Baltimore we brought to the Festival about 12 years ago. The usual time for all dancers is
15 minutes at the Festival, but they were willing to give the Ukrainian dancers 30 minutes.
Thus we need to make sure that we have Ukrainian dancers at the 2007 Festival.