Dear members,

As probably many of you know, 2007-08 marks the 75th year anniversary
of the 1932-33 Famine-Holodomor in Ukraine. This genocidal policy of the
Soviet Union cost the lives of at least six million Ukrainians due to famine.
The President of Ukraine, Mr. Viktor Yushczenko, has asked all Ukrainians
(both in Ukraine and abroad), as well as all persons of good will, to observe
a moment of silence to honor these innocent victims. The observance will
take place this Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 4:00 PM Kyiv time (9:00
AM Eastern Standard Time in the US). Please join all Ukrainians by
observing a moment of silence at that time, and ask your friends and
acquaintances to join you.
Holodomor Conmemoration