The �Lyman� Ukrainian dance ensemble from Baltimore performed at the
Raleigh, NC, International Festival more than 12 years ago. They had such a
great impact that festival organizers talked about them for many years, and
this year asked us to bring them back to the Festival. They even offered to
pay part of the costs, and allowed 30 minutes for their performance, instead
of the usual 15 minutes allowed for each group.

The dancers had two performances at the Festival, on Saturday and Sunday,
and were enthusiastically received by the audience. Each of their
performances was received by prolonged applause and shouts of approval
and enthusiasm. The �Lyman� ensemble also gave a one and half concert
on Saturday evening at the auditorium of the North Raleigh Christian
Academy, followed by a reception (see the flier and the program of the
concert). A very active promotional campaign and aggressive ticket sales by
members and businesses paid off. We had more than 300 hundreds persons
attending the concert. We were able to cover the costs and ended with a
small surplus. All in all, a great success.
View the concert program
"Lyman" dancers concert in Raleigh, NC