Demonstration of Ukrainian egg in University of North Carolina (UNC) at
Chapel Hill

In conjunction with the Ukrainian Association of North Carolina, the University of North
Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill’s Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies
(CSEEES) has sponsored a demonstration of Ukrainian egg (pysanky) decorating in the
UNC FedEx Global Education Center Atrium.  The event was held on March 20, 2008.  
The exhibit was organized by Rostyslaw Lewyckyj and Valіa Sokolev, with the assistance
of Oksana Khoroborova and Violeta Weinreb.  One table was set up with a large
collection of Easter eggs, books about Easter eggs and traditional Easter cards and at
the second table Rostyk had a demonstration on how to make pysanky.  A back panel
was decorated with traditional Ukrainian embroidered towels.  The film “Pysanka: The
Ukrainian Easter Egg” by S. Nowytski” was shown on a TV set, and web sites on Ukrainian
Easter eggs were shown on two screens.

The exhibit was well attended by UNC students and Chapel Hill residents.  People asked a
lot of questions and some tried their hand at making pysanky.  At the end of the exhibit
our Association formally presented to Prof. Peter Coclanis, Associate Provost for
International Affairs at UNC-Chapel Hill, a “pysanka” and a book about the history and
regional patterns of Easter egg motives.  This was a great opportunity to publicize this
ancient Ukrainian folk art and, in the words of Prof. Coclanis, a great contribution to the
mission of the UNC FedEx Global Center.