Action Items  
Action Items which affect and/or interest the Ukrainian-American community in North Carolina
are posted below.  The current items include links to more information and the requested
action.  For some items, we ask your participation through letters, e-mails, faxes, or telephone
calls.   If a sample letter is included, please remember to personalize your letter.

Current Action Items (Posted 6/20/2010)
NEW! ASSE International Student Exchange Program
Open your heart, mind and home! Host families wanted for 2010 - 2011 academic
year for students ages 16 - 18 while they attend area public schools. Students and
natural family pay all program fees. They have their own spending money and are
fully insured. Host families are asked to provide a separate bed, 3 meals and snacks
each day, as well as love and support for your new family member. Please call
Coralee Rogers for more information 919-645-8205, or visit

NEW! Write your Congressional Representative to express outrage over
decision to erect and dedicate a bust of Josef Stalin at the D-day Memorial!
 On June
6, 2010, which is the anniversary date of the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France, the
National D-Day Memorial dedicated a bust of Josef Stalin.  We are asking you to write your
Congressional Representative to express your concern over this.  
Read more and find a
sample letter.

Ongoing Action Items
Correct the spelling of Kyiv!  We are beginning a concerted effort to notify any
publication, such as newspapers and magazines, to correctly spell Ukraine's capital city as
Kyiv.  Although we are not yet targeting any one publication or group, it is very important to
write to any publication, which incorrectly spells Kyiv as Kiev, when it happens.  Click
here for a
sample letter.  
“The” Ukraine - Any reference to “the Ukraine” in television, radio, or written articles or
by public announcers should be addressed by contacting the source Click
here for a sample
Any false or offensive news about Ukraine, Ukrainians, or Ukrainian culture
should be addressed by contacting the source of the report/article, etc
.  Examples
include:  “Russian” Easter eggs, Ukrainian sports persons, artists, or scientists labeled as
another nationality.

Found an issue that needs attention?  Or need help writing a letter?
Susan Washinsky, our Action Items Coordinator, has taken charge of this very important
activity.  She will notify you of any new Action Item, and provide recommendations and
instructions and necessary action.  If you know of any issues that could be included, or have
questions, please send an e-mail to Susan at with relevant information.  
(Make sure to write Action Item or UANC in the subject line.)  If you receive a request from her,
please try to respond in a timely fashion.

How to find and write to Federal and State Representatives and Senators
Finding your representatives is as easy as knowing your zip code.  Click on: